Power When You Need It, Where You Need It

Over the past 50 years, Moser has grown from a small engine repair shop to a leader in distributed power solutions. Their innovations in gas flaring reduction, hybrid generator technology, resiliency, and microgrid & mobile EV charging solutions support operations across oil & gas, commercial & industrial standby power, disaster response, and military applications.


Moser’s new business development team found traditional brochures and slide decks lacking when it came to explaining the advanced technology behind the REV Station, their mobile microgrid and EV charging solution. So, we took to animation to illustrate the technical complexities of this state-of-the-art product.



When your product is still in the development phase, or logistical access is a challenge (it’s deployed in an oil field, for example), or if your product is simply too large to transport easily, 3D modeling allows your customer to visualize and better understand your product in the absence of a physical model. 3D models lend to animation as well, helping to illustrate functions that can’t be captured with traditional video.


Moser built their reputation by providing responsive, reliable field service to their customers. As the company grew beyond its family-owned roots, and expanded its service and product offering as well as the industries it serves, the need for a more polished presence became clear. DHM provided photography that captures the grittiness of oil field operations, the durability of Moser’s remote power solutions, and a behind-the scenes-look at what it takes to deliver “Power When You Need It, Where You Need It.”