Digital Hive Mind is pleased to announce that it has been selected by J.L. Clark for a comprehensive rebranding initiative. Phase I of the project includes development of an updated corporate identity and corresponding usage guidelines, creation of a capabilities presentation, and website development. Phase II of the program is slated to include capabilities videos, design of additional collateral materials including customer-facing sell sheets and brochures, and efforts targeting growth in brand awareness through advertising efforts via both traditional print as well as digital outlets.

“We’re excited to have been entrusted by J.L. Clark with the opportunity to modernize the identity of such an iconic Rockford area company. With over 100 years of history in the specialty packaging industry, there’s definitely a significant amount of brand equity to protect as we go forward, as well as an invaluable depth of experience and expertise to drawn on as we look to facilitate growth in both existing and new business within such a highly competitive industry.”

Erin Salisbury, Co-Founder & Director of Communications, Digital Hive Mind Inc